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Commission To Fit Custom External Room

Walk in Freezer Room installed outside by our specialist installers with remote compressor and custom coating.

Commission To Fit Dual Side By Side Rooms

Cold and freezer rooms can be fitted side by side with adjoining walls by our specialist fitters as seen here.

Commission To Fit Inside A Large Warehouse

In the past a cold room was generally only suitable for businesses with lots of space in order to fit one in, however with advances in refrigeration and technology, it's now possible to fit a cold room into various shapes and sizes of room, big or small.

Commission To fit Inside A Small Fast Food Retail Outlet

The size can vary from something similar in size to a large fridge or a small cupboard, up to something as big as a room. The interior should be fitted with suitable shelves, to allow organisation and segregation of different types of foods as required.

Ideally you need to ensure that you have enough space to store your ingredients, avoiding packing them in too tightly, as this can restrict the airflow and cooling, which can result in different items having uneven or inaccurate temperatures.

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