1 Door 4 Drawer Refrigerated Counter CR5175

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 You can keep your fresh ingredients safely chilled without spending a fortune with this refrigerated counter. The added convenience of its full stainless steel prepation top means an increase in efficiency in preparation times   The combination of drawers and doors gives extra flexibility to your storage capacity. Its catering-grade stainless steel construction ensures hygienic food preparation while using the most efficient, environmentally friendly refrigerant minimises your running costs. Buy now with confidence with the 1 year part warranty included.

    • R 290 Refrigerant
    • 417Ltr
    • 230Volt/0.23kw
    • +2/+8°
    • Dimensions: 1795mm W x 700mm D x 850mm H
    • Internal Dimensions: 1234mm W x 580mm D x 564mm H
    • 1 x 1/1 GN Containers Not included
    • Weight: 140KG