2 Door Pizza Prep Counter CR5058

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  • R 600 A Refrigerant
  • 240Ltr
  • 230Volt/0.17kw
  • +2/+8°
  • Dimensions: 900mm W x 700mm D x 970mm H
  • Internal Dimensions: 830mm W x 595mm D x 455mm H
  • Weight: 80kg
  • Contents Of GN: 2 x 1/1 And 5 x 1/6GN Pan
  • 1 Year Parts Warranty
Our 2 door salad is incredibly inexpensive and well-rounded. A workstation, a salad bar, and cooling are all included in the cooled saladette. When you want to use the full surface as a workstation, a stainless steel hinged cover is placed over the salads. The lid shields the goods from unintentional contamination. This makes this chilled saladette ideal for small restaurants and lunchrooms. An electronic thermostat that is operated by a digital display regulates the cooler. This saladette provides a comfortable working height due to the bottom-mounted cooling motor.