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Cambro Go Box Front Loader Fits 9 x 600 x 400 Dough Trays EPP4060F9R110

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  • Thoughtfully designed built-in handles along the top of the front loader unit allow them to be easily carried from all four sides.
  • Compartment for cold chiller plate or hot plate is located on the inner back wall to prevent overhead condensation drips and to evenly distribute temperature throughout the carrier.
  • Built-in Condensation barrier helps front loaders to remain drip-resistant.
  • A built-in label area keeps plastic menus tags in place for easy content identification for routing.
  • Multi-purpose front-loading carrier with six built-in rails designed for transporting 60 x 40 cm bakery crates filled with wrapped, prepackaged or bulk product.
  • Withstands temperatures of -40°C to 120°C
  • Fits 9 x 600 x 400 Dough Trays
  • Capacity 126 Ltr
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