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Electric Single Tank 10ltr Fryer DL-10B

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Longer life is ensured by commercial-grade stainless steel, stainless steel structure, and heating tubes. The maximum temperature is 200°C, but because of heat loss caused by the machine during operation, the real oil temperature is closer to 150°C.


Removable oil reservoir makes cleanup simple and allows filtering and storing of used oil easy. A food basket with handles is included for carrying and cleaning.

The tank includes a stainless steel fryer basket and handles made of polypropylene to prevent scalds. Cover to stop the boiling oil from splashing and cool exteriors.

Varying degrees of heat using the selection dials, you can deep fry your food to perfection. With its longer heating pipe, the immersion deep fryer heats up more quickly.

Reset protecting button for overheating is included, Next time you use it just push the reset button, indication lights, and the ON/OFF switch.

  • Voltage: 110V 50Hz
  • Power: 2000W
  • Container Capacity: 10L
  • Max oil capacity: 6 L
  • Product Dimensions:30x28x45 cm(11.8x11x17.7")
  • Temperature Range: 50-200°C
  • Basket Size: 18*21*10cm


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