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Italian Pizza Oven Double Deck 4x4 -12" With Thermometer Entry 8

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This Italian electric pizza deck oven is ideal for pizza outlets looking for that traditional stone-baked base. It can cook 4 12” pizzas per deck. Each deck can be controlled separately with its easy to operate thermostat dials, and is fitted with elements above and below the chamber. Its heavy duty 14 mm heavy duty cooking stones allow for either cooking in the pan, on a mesh screen or directly on the stones. 

    • Pizza Oven Capacity 4 x 12″ in each deck total 8 x 12"
    • Static electricity ovens with bottom refractory stones and top and bottom heating elements
    • Stainless steel front and a stainless steel door with glass.
    • Analogue thermometer with 2 thermostats per chamber
    • The Insulation is evaporated fibreglass
    • Working Temperature 450°C
    • Heat Resistant Light
    • Main Switch per chamber
    • Internal Dimensions 70x70x15mm
    • External dimensions: 990x920x680mm
    • Weight: 149kg
    • Power: 11.20kW
    • Temperature range: 50 to 450C
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