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Lincat Lynx 400 Heavy Duty Ribbed Grill GG1R

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The Lincat Lynx 400 Heavy Duty Ribbed Grill will deliver excellent results when it is necessary to cook quickly without sacrificing quality.
Perfectly balanced, this grill prepares Panini, steaks, burgers, toasted sandwiches and specialty breads without the need to turn.
It has a 1kW element in the upper plate and a 1.25kW element in the lower plate.

    • Dimensions 276(H) x 395(W) x 356(D)mm


    • Dimensions - cooking area 345(W) x 270(D)mm


    • Material Stainless steel


    • Power Type 3kW


    • Temperature Range 40°C to 260°C


    • Voltage 230V


    • Weight 23.1kg


    • Colour Stainless Steel


    • Heavy duty model with ribbed upper plate and smooth lower plate, for maximum versatility, providing an attractive branded finish on one side of the food.


    • Large capacity


    • Cast aluminium plates and mica heating elements for extremely even heat and precise control - perfect even for delicate products like omelettes


    • PTFE base non-stick coating for ease of cleaning


    • Spatula supplied


    • Plug and play unit, no installation required


    • Applying heat to food from two sides, contact grills cook 50% quicker


    • Seals in juices and flavour for succulent results - and minimal shrinkage


    • Sleek, attractive styling makes them ideal for front-of-house use
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