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MKN Flexi Combi 6.1MP Electric FKECOD61.5T

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This fast simple efficient oven is ideal for any food outlet, using either the easily pre-programmed Auto Chef or using a wide variety of manual cooking modes. It can cook almost anything including roasts, full breakfasts, and even baked goods. Its hard-wearing easy-to-clean interior and exterior make it simple to maintain and extend the life of your oven.

  • MagicPilot – touch and slide operating concept robust, wear-free, capacitive true colour touch screen, protected behind anti-reflective safety glass; display cleaning mode
  • AutoChef – automatic cooking
  • More than 250 preselected international cooking processes can be individually modified
  • More than 350 cooking processes can be saved
  • Overview of individual favourites on the start screen
  • Cooking process protection against modification/deletion
  • Adjustable language settings, full text search
  • Manual operation concept with 12 cooking modes: SoftSteaming, Steaming, ExpressSteaming, Convection, CombiSteaming, Perfection, low temperature cooking, ΔT, Sous vide, humidification, baking and rest function
  • ChefsHelp – user information Insertion of information into text and graphics where required during the cooking process
  • VideoAssist – interactive user assistance with clips featuring professional chefs
  • FlexiRack – capacity concept for an increase in capacity up to 100% *
  • EasyLoad – crosswise insertion supplied as standard for increased occupational safety
  • WaveClean – automatic cleaning system
  • Integrated shower hose
  • SES – Steam Exhaust System, steam extraction for safe operation
  • GreenInside – energy consumption display
  • CombiDoctor – self diagnosis programme automatic self-test for all relevant appliance functions such as climate and cleaning functions
  • FamilyMix – efficient utilization of the cooking chamber capacity. Products which can be cooked in the same cooking chamber climate are indicated in a clearly arranged list showing which products belong together.
  • QualityControl – consistent high quality; perfect results every time regardless of the load quantity
  • Hygienic cooking chamber door with sealed triple glazing
  • Right-hand hinged door
  • Hygienic cooking chamber of corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 997 x 799 x 790
  • Dimensions inc packing (LxWxH)mm 1020 x 1220 x 1090
  • Net weight (kg) 120
  • Gross Weight (kg) 140
  • Max. load weight (kg) 50
  • Electrical Supply (400V) 
  • Nominal power consumption (kW) 10.4
  • Voltage (V) 400 3 (N)PE AC
  • Fuse protection (A) 3 x 16
  • Frequency range (Hz) 50/60

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