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Non Stick Brush Heat Resistant 25mm CR742

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  • Dimensions 25(Ø) x 202(L)mm
  • Material Polyurethane & Nylon
  • Weight 36g
  • Colour Red
  • Heat resistant up to 150°C
  • Strong handle
  • Handle with hole
  • Non stick nylon bristles

With the help of this 25mm non-stick pastry brush  make delectable delights that are golden brown. The nylon brush tip can withstand heat up to 150 degrees Celsius making it ideal for buttering various pastries and washing eggs.

The brushes may be hung for storage thanks to a hole in the handle which is perfect for small spaces in the back of the house.

Moreover the bristles of the brush can be coloured red to enable colour coding. This helps to keep your kitchen clean and organised.

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