Remote Fridge Compressor RC05

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Remote refrigerators are insulated cold food storage areas that are outfitted with an evaporator inside, but the compressor and condenser are located in a remote area away from the refrigerator itself. Typically, foodservice establishments will place their condensers and compressors on the roof, depending on the climate, or in a cool basement.


The components that give off the most heat, the compressor and condenser, are moved to a separate location, remote refrigeration units are ideal for restaurants that have heat concerns, such as establishments with poor ventilation or low ceilings. Additionally, if you have a large grocery store, deli, or commissary kitchen that operates multiple coolers, remote options are an excellent choice because they keep your interior cool and comfortable for your guests and also remove the noise from the condensers.


Compressor- Remote Unit


  • Power: 230v/0.74KW

  • Temperature: 0/+5 Degrees

  • R452A

  • Defrost: Automatic

  • Weight: 50KG