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Space Combi Magic Pilot SKECOD610TG2

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The MKN Space Combi Team Magic Pilot is bursting with benefits within just 55 cm. The SpaceCombi® has all the power of a combi oven but is 40% smaller – and there’s no compromise on features.

A team player for all kitchens, the SpaceCombi® boasts six GN 1/1 inserts, a simple guided cooking operating concept, automatic cleaning, and a range of other advantages all in one small, attractive package.

  • MagicPilot touch & slide operating concept with  true colour touch screen- as simple & intuitive as your smartphone
  • MKN Guided Cooking with autoChef, ChefsHelp, VideoAssist, Favourites and BarcodeScan
  • AutoChef – automatic cooking includes more than 250 preselected international cooking processes which can be individually modified
  • ChefsHelp & VideoAssist – interactive user assistance with clips featuring professional chefs
  • SES – Steam Exhaust System, steam extraction for safe operation
  • Hygienic cooking chamber door with sealed triple glazing
  • WaveClean – automatic cleaning system
  • Dimensions: 550 x 787 x 784
  • Power: 7.8kW
  • Tray capacity: 16×1/1 GN
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