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Zanolli 32 inch Gas Conveyor Oven 12/80VG

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The Zanolli 32 inch Gas Conveyor Oven 12/80VG is ideal for any environment where there is large output demand for pizza, thanks to the large 32″” belt and ability to cook 310 x 8″” pizzas per hour. However, It can be used to cook a large variety of foods quickly and consistently, including pies and pastries, grilled vegetables, and even burgers or steaks.

They can even be stacked up to three high to allow for even more production volume without extra floor space being required. The easily accessible eco mode and other energy efficiency technology make it very cost-effective and environmentally friendly, offering large savings on fuel bills. Its reliable fully Italian manufacturer makes it a solid reliable workhorse for any pizzeria.

The easy to operate computerised controls make it simple to operate and produce consistent perfectly cooked pizza and a whole range of foods reducing wastage and increasing customer satisfaction. The strong stainless steel construction and patented technology make it a hardwearing easy to operate durable machine.

  • 310 x 8" pizzas
  • 200 x 10" pizzas
  • 150 x 12" pizzas
  • 105 x 14" pizzas
  • 50 x 16" pizzas
  • 80 x 18" pizzas
  • Easy to use electronic control panel- variable temperature and bake time and 6 saved programmes.
  • Forced air system for even bake across the chamber.
  • 32" (80cm) wide belt.
  • 47" (120cm) chamber length.
  • High quality, stainless steel build.
  • Can be stacked 3 high.
  • Easily disassembled for cleaning.
  • Comes with a stand
  • Belt width 32"/ 80cm
  • Internal Chamber Dimension 800x1200x100
  • External Dimension 1650x2180x600
  • Power 30Kw 102,500BTU/hr
  • Weight 315kg
  • 3-Year Parts & Labor Warranty
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