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Innovative Coldstore Solutions for Your Business

Maintaining precise temperatures for food and beverage sectors with energy efficiency and increased food safety.

Caterserveuk’s Coldstore solutions are tailored for maintaining precise temperatures in industrial and commercial environments, with a focus on meeting the needs of the food and beverage sectors.
The benefits of a cold room:  Increased food safety and lower energy costs, and why large, high-production kitchens absolutely require walk-in refrigerators or freezers.
Nothing is more precious than a cold room, and industrial equipment is necessary for an industrial kitchen. Cold rooms, also known as walk-in chiller rooms or chilled chambers, offer a certain temperature for the storage of goods like food. Cold rooms are essential for people in the food business because they guarantee that all of their goods are kept at the ideal temperature for storage and safe consumption.

When providing premium products with the longest possible shelf life, cold rooms can make all the difference in catering and restaurant kitchens. Whether you want to keep meat, fish, or fresh produce in your pantry or even flowers, cold rooms are essential for keeping your inventory safe and preserving its quality.

Modular or bespoke rooms

The benefits of a cold room: Standard, or “off the shelf,” sizes and custom configurations are available for cold rooms. With the typical modular cold rooms, you may choose the size you want from our website and have it installed without any extra effort. For optimal storage capacity and convenience, custom-built, bespoke freezer rooms and cold rooms can be created to match your exact specifications. It’s not a problem if you require an odd size or arrangement. The precise walk-in cold room and freezer room that your company need can be built with a little project management and a site survey.

Compliance with Industry Standards

Coldstore solutions adhere to industry regulations and standards related to food safety, hygiene, and environmental sustainability.

Tongue and Groove Panels

The best performance in terms of water-tightness and fire resistance is provided by the panel's double tongue and groove system and hook system.

Camlock Panels

The hook fastening mechanism allows for the adjustment of one panel against the other to achieve maximum airtightness. The system is guaranteed to be removable and to not rust thanks to the stainless steel hook. Makes installation much faster and easy to dismantle if required


Coldstore doors are designed to provide a secure and insulated barrier, minimizing temperature fluctuations when opening and closing. Options may include hinged doors, sliding doors, or rapid roll doors, depending on the specific requirements of the facility. A lockable door, which can be positioned on the front or side, ensures enhanced security.


We are here to suit your needs, wether your short of space, your workspace is to hot for the typical Monoblock compressor or your ceilings are too low. We have a wide range of high quality compressors. Monoblock Wall Mounted units - Most popular this unit attaches to your room Remote Split units - This is a remote unit, motor of this unit will be outside your premises, perfect for larger or hot rooms and to reduce noise.

Energy Efficiency

High-quality insulation, eco-friendly refrigerants, and energy-efficient lighting within the coldstore. Selecting an appropriate refrigeration system is essential. Energy-efficient compressors, evaporators, and condensers in modern systems allow for more effective cooling with reduced energy use. Their lifetime and functionality are also influenced by routine servicing and maintenance.

Wall Panels

These are insulated panels designed to form the walls of cold storage facilities. Insulation is crucial to prevent heat transfer and maintain a consistent temperature within the coldstore. The panels are constructed from materials with excellent thermal resistance to ensure energy efficiency. Insulation available from 80mm to 200mm

Customer testimonials

We was using 4 Double fridge's and 3 chest freezers, not only have I now gained so much space I'm now much more organised, I can see my ingredients and stock levels, Im using less energy and using more fresh goods
I was short of space but desperately needed more fridge and freezers, so upon speaking to CaterserveUK I had a split Fridge/ Freezer Walk in unit built at the back of my shop. Now I have plenty of stock ready for my busy weekends!
Stress free! I also had a shelving system added to my coldroom, its perfect for my staff to keep stock qty levels correct and stock rotation

Maintenance and Support Services

Maintenance services offered to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of Our coldstore solutions. Contact us for more details.