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Dough tray information

In the UK, the pizza industry is seeing rapid growth, with over 50 million pizzas sold on a weekly basis. Furthermore, pizza is one of the most consumed foods in the nation; over 25% of adult UK inhabitants eat it at least once a month.

Why Use Dough Trays

As you may expect, this has led to a rise in the need for pizza-related materials, such as dough trays.

Dough Trays are recommend for storing, transporting and proofing pizza dough balls. But can also be used for storage of all kids of items and showcase your beautiful deserts.
Proving which is also known as proofing is the process where the dough is rested to allow the yeast to ferment and produce gas bubbles which help the dough to rise. This is where our dough trays are perfect, different sizes and colours to rest and store your dough.
In addition, our pizza dough trays are the ideal way to maintain your pizza dough warm, keep it fresh, and prepared for stretching into a mouth watering pizza.

What Pizza Dough Tray Is the Best?

While purchasing a pizza dough tray, the following are some essential features to consider:

Safe for Dishwashers

The dishwasher should be able to handle any decent pizza dough tray, making cleanup a breeze. You should confirm that a product is dishwasher safe before making a purchase because some of the less expensive models may claim to be, but they aren't designed to withstand that kind of use! In order to avoid breaking anything, always read the manufacturer's directions before loading anything into your dishwasher!

Stacking Capability

The best pizza dough trays can be stacked without damaging or warping them. This is important because most people store their trays in cold rooms or other areas with limited space. If your trays cannot stack, they will take up considerably more space than necessary, making them inconvenient to use. Safes space and seals in air.

A Lid That Is Airtight

An airtight lid is another feature of an excellent dough tray. This keeps your dough from going bad or losing its crunch for extended periods of time. The presence of an airtight cover on the goods you have selected should ideally be checked before purchasing, as it can make all the difference between a delicious and dull crust!

Material of Food Grade

The first thing to think about is if the material used to make your tray is suitable for food use. Pizza dough trays come in a variety of materials, each with special advantages of its own.


This is a popular material that is used to make trays for pizza dough. It resists scratches and impact damage and has good thermal stability.

To avoid leaving any food residue on the tray, it is best to clean it right away after using it. To ensure that there are no bacteria left on the trays that could make people sick, washing your pizza dough tray in hot water with soap is the best approach to clean it.

The trays should be kept in a dry, cool location. The dough will go bad if it gets wet because it will moulder or grow fungus. They can also be kept for up to two days in the refrigerator in a plastic bag.

Dough trays come in quite handy when you want to cook numerous pizzas at once. They also make it simple for you to produce consistent thicknesses and forms, which can help you become a better baker.

Pizza Dough Tray Types

Despite not being put in the oven due to their plastic construction, dough trays are crucial for the proper texture and desired rise of your pizza. 
However, there are various types of pizza dough trays available to ensure maximum effectiveness in establishing the perfect atmosphere for the dough to rise, such as:

Stackable Containers
The prefabricated shape and construction of these plastic pizza trays allow them to be stacked on top of one another without  compromising the contents of the dough pans. The trays are incredibly robust and easy to     clean thanks to the plastic feature. The stacking trays’ distinctive design makes them ideal for storing portioned or proofed dough.

Trays with Perforations
Small holes in the surface of perforated trays facilitate greater air circulation and ventilation of the dough during the proving process. Improved ventilation plays a crucial role in attaining consistent fermentation and     the intended consistency of the pizza crust. The trays’ food-grade plastics prevent the bottom of the trays from becoming unduly moist by maintaining ideal dough conditions. Its perforated design is also ideal for use     within the bakery industry allowing airflow to products such as pastries, cakes, savouries etc. for defrosting or cooling.

Particularly for bakeries with large pizza baking volumes, the perforation on the pizza dough trays is even more appropriate for pizza dough and other types of dough.

Usage Advice & Suggestions
Your plastic dough trays and making sure the pizza satisfies acceptable food safety requirements will determine the quality of the dough on your pizza. But a lot of information goes into keeping the dough trays in     good condition; here are some things you might need to take into account in order to keep the trays operating efficiently:

After Each Usage, Clean
To help get rid of any pollutants and sticky residue, you should clean the tray using hot water and a food-safe cleaning solution in accordance with conventional food safety guidelines. Before storing any dough on the     dough tray, it is crucial to let it air dry fully after each washing.

Put Flour Or Oil On The Tray
You have undoubtedly come across sticky dough from time to time; thus, dust the tray with flour or oil to stop the dough from sticking. Any sticky, tenacious dough particles on the tray will be easier to remove thanks     to the earlier treatment.

Plastic Why?

Pizza dough trays work well for storing and proofing dough in various baking areas, but why made of plastic?


Premium polymers are designed to endure regular abrasion from everyday business use. The strong plastic used is frequently resistant to temperature changes and moisture damage. For this reason, you can prove the dough using the dough trays for all of your refrigerated needs.

Not Heavy

Because plastic is lightweight, handling the dough trays whether for cleaning or moving is made simple. This is advantageous if you use them in a busy commercial kitchen where dough trays need to be moved around a lot.

Simple Upkeep

The smooth inside surfaces of plastic dough trays make them easier to clean because they don't collect any food particles. As a result, the plastic surfaces on the tray lower the possibility of cross-contamination, improving food safety.

Different Sizes

Choosing the size of your tray depends on the batch of dough you want to proof.


Some outlets prefer to use coloured trays, for health and safety reasons including cross-contamination. Customers also like the trays to suit there colour theme of their shop.