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Henny Penny Pressure Fryers and Holding cabinets

Why Opt for a Pressure Cooker?

When cooking in larger quantities, pressure frying yields the most dependably tasty food and cooks it faster than any other technique. A healthier, tastier end product is what you get when you use a pressure fryer, which seals in moisture and flavour while expelling superfluous cooking oil. It’s the best method for cooking bone-in, freshly breaded chicken or other proteins that retain their natural fluids.

Healthy Frying for Tasty Outcomes

The ideal answer for commercial foodservice companies needing quick, high-volume cooking and healthier fried food is provided by Henny Penny pressure fryers. For more uniformly cooked food, our patented rectangular fry pot design—a first in the pressure fryer industry—helps encourage unpredictable tumbling and turbulent movement. Additionally, every Henny Penny pressure fryer comes with an integrated oil filtering system that helps prolong oil life and lessens the physical labour needed to maintain your fryers. It all contributes to making a discernible impact!

Henny Penny Features

Available in Gas or Electric

Lock Lid and Seal
With a Petented lid lock and colour – coded spindle making it easy to operate fryer safely.
Faster Cooking
Frying under pressure seals in flavour reduces cook time and temperature.
Pressure Assist
To cook smaller batches on demand with the same quality and consistency
With Computron 8000 feauring full programming and oil managment features
Energy Efficient
With heating elements producing fast recovery 
Built in filteration
For fast, convenient filtering improving productivity and extending oil life
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Why Opt for Holding Equipment?

Foodservice operators recognise that time is one of their most valuable assets, thus any tool that frees up staff to handle hectic times is invaluable in a busy kitchen. The real advantage of having dependable holding equipment is that it allows staff to prepare meals in advance of the impending demand and keeps food ready to serve until needed.

Better Eats and Healthier Budget

The initial purpose of Henny Penny's robust heated holding cabinet was to store huge amounts of pressure-fried chicken for extended periods of time without compromising on freshness or appearance. It now functions the same way for practically every menu option. With multiple options for size, layout, and control, every cabinet is built to last for consistent circulation and equal heating. A low-energy option to boost kitchen productivity in some of the world's most prestigious commercial kitchens is our holding heated cabinet.

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