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Cambro EPP Insulated Top Loading Food Pan Carrier 155 Litre With Adjustable Rails EPP4060FADJR



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This CamGo front loading food carrier features adjustable rails, allowing you to create custom space in between rails as desired.

A front-loading carrier designed around day to day versatility, the Cam GoBox 4060 is ideal for transporting 60 x 40 cm pans, sheet pans, and trays securely. This is a top choice for catering businesses looking to improve food safety and quality from kitchen to customer. The unique design of the Cam GoBox 4060 Front Loaders protects safe food temperatures for 4+ hours with a condensation barrier to remain drip resistant. Incredibly lightweight, the carrier is made of environmentally friendly, impact resistant material that is safe for commercial dishwashers. Built-in handles on all four sides ensure comfortable carrying, while durable hinges and latches allow the door to open 270˚ and remain open for convenient serving access. The complete package of safety and quality in delivery, the Cam GoBox remains a must-have for every season.

A built-in label area keeps optional plastic menu tags in place for easy content identification. Coloured Menu Labels are included.

Compatible with Cambro Camdolly trolley for Food Carriers to allow transport.


  • Cold plate (Camchiller) are designed to extend the cold holding time of your food.
  • Simply freeze flat overnight and place at the top of carrier.


  • Hot plate (Camwarmer) are designed to extend the hot holding time of your food.
  • Place in a hot water bath for 40 minutes and place at the bottom of your carrier.

    Adjustable Rail Kit for EPP4060FNR

    • Stainless steel frames and 2 sets of rails are designed to offer the operator the flexibility to adjust and create custom spaces as needed in-between the rails.

    Additional information


    No Thanks, Yes Please (£113+)

    Temperature Tools

    CamChiller (£61.50+), CamWarmer (£94+), No Thanks


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