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GEMM BCB/01 Blast Chiller



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The BASIC range of blast freezers appears to offer a reliable and straightforward solution for professionals in the culinary and dessert industries. The focus on simplicity, rapid chilling cycles, and user-friendly controls indicates an appliance designed to meet the specific needs of chefs, pastry chefs, and ice cream makers.

  1. Targeted Users:
    • The blast freezers in the BASIC range are specifically aimed at chefs, pastry chefs, and ice cream makers.
    • This suggests that the features and functionalities are tailored to the requirements of professionals in the culinary and dessert industries.
  2. Reliability and Simplicity:
    • The key emphasis is on reliability and simplicity, indicating that these blast freezers are built to perform consistently without unnecessary complexity.
  3. Simplified Electronic Control Panel:
    • The blast freezers are equipped with a simplified electronic control panel.
    • This control panel is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for chefs and other users to operate the equipment without extensive training.
  4. Rapid Chilling Cycles:
    • The electronic control panel allows for the rapid setting of chilling cycles.
    • This feature is valuable for professionals who require quick and efficient freezing of their culinary creations or ingredients.
  5. Ease of Use:
    • The user-friendly nature of the control panel suggests that the BASIC range blast freezers are designed for easy operation.
    • This can be particularly beneficial in fast-paced kitchen environments where efficiency is crucial.
  • Trays Capacity: 3 GN 2/3
  • Max absorbed power (W): 730
  • Yield (°C) (kg):+70/+3° C = 7 Kg
    +70/-18° C = 5 Kg

Additional information

Dimensions 600 D × 600 W × 390 H mm

4 weeks delivery


1 year labour, 2 years parts




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