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MKN Flexi Combi 10.1mp Electric FKECOD11.5T


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This fantastic versatile combi oven is approved by the Craft Guild of Chefs. It can simultaneously cook a vast range of products and its innovative solution makes it immensely popular with chefs across the world. Ideal for busy kitchens in restaurants, hotels, gastro pubs or schools from cake and desserts to full roasts and even complete breakfasts, its versatility can’t be beaten.

Thanks to its easy to operate large touchscreen display and Magic Pilot software allowing for pre-programmed cooking it’s simple and easy to use and produces consistent results quickly and efficiently.

Thinking outside the box is the key to innovative solutions. The MKN FlexiCombi® is a good example of this. Crosswise insertion means that you can even handle heavy trays safely without having to change your grip.

  • MagicPilot – touch and slide operating concept robust, wear-free, capacitive true colour touch screen, protected behind anti-reflective safety glass; display cleaning mode
  • AutoChef – automatic cooking
  • More than 250 preselected international cooking processes can be individually modified
  • More than 350 cooking processes can be saved
  • Overview of individual favourites on the start screen
  • Cooking process protection against modification/deletion
  • Adjustable language settings, full-text search
  • Manual operation concept with 12 cooking modes: SoftSteaming, Steaming, ExpressSteaming, Convection, CombiSteaming, Perfection, low-temperature cooking, ΔT, Sous vide, humidification, baking and rest function
  • ChefsHelp – Insertion of information into text and graphics where required during the cooking process
  • VideoAssist – interactive user assistance with clips featuring professional chefs
  • FlexiRack – capacity concept for an increase in capacity up to 100% *
  • EasyLoad – crosswise insertion supplied as standard for increased occupational safety
  • WaveClean – automatic cleaning system
  • Integrated shower hose
  • SES – Steam Exhaust System, steam extraction for safe operation
  • GreenInside – energy consumption display
  • CombiDoctor – self-diagnosis programme automatic self-test for all relevant appliance functions such as climate and cleaning functions
  • FamilyMix – efficient utilisation of the cooking chamber capacity. Products which can be cooked in the same cooking chamber climate are indicated in a clearly arranged list showing which products belong together.
  • QualityControl – consistent high quality; perfect results every time regardless of the load quantity
  • Hygienic cooking chamber door with sealed triple glazing Right-hand hinged door Hygienic cooking chamber of corrosion-resistant stainless steel


  • Dimensions Appliance dimensions (LxWxH)mm 997 x 799 x 1060
  • Dimensions inc packing (LxWxH)mm 1080 x 960 x 1280
  • Net weight (kg) 145
  • Gross Weight (kg) 165
  • Max. load weight (kg) 80
  • Electrical Supply (400V) 15.9
  • Nominal power consumption (kW) 400 3 (N)PE AC
  • Voltage (V) 400 3 (N)PE AC
  • Fuse protection (A) 3 x 25
  • Frequency range (Hz) 50 / 60


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