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Zanolli Devil PF33 Pizza Press



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The Zanolli pizza press is a time-efficient and user-friendly machine, utilizing heated elements, durable materials, and precise temperature control to automate the pizza base production process. The inclusion of features to prevent dough sticking and reduce elasticity suggests a focus on achieving high-quality and consistent results.

  1. Automation:
    • The pizza press automates the traditional work of pizza makers, streamlining the process of producing pizza bases.
    • It boasts a high output of 400 pizza bases per hour, significantly saving time for the workforce.
  2. Heated Elements:
    • The equipment is equipped with heated elements that play a crucial role in uniformly molding the dough.
    • The use of heated elements eliminates the need for skilled staff, suggesting a user-friendly and efficient operation.
  3. Material and Construction:
    • The plates of the pizza press are made from cast iron, known for its durability and heat retention properties.
    • The plates feature a thick chrome plating, which serves to prevent the dough from sticking during the pressing process.
  4. Temperature Control:
    • The plate temperature is controlled by both top and bottom thermostats, ensuring precise temperature regulation.
    • A timer is used to regulate the compression time, allowing for consistency in the pizza base production process.
  5. Reduced Dough Elasticity:
    • The gentle heating of the dough is mentioned, which is designed to reduce dough elasticity.
    • This feature can be beneficial in achieving the desired texture and thickness for pizza bases.
  • Power: 3.55 kw
  • Plate Size Ømm (Inch) : 33 (13)

Additional information

Weight 112 kg
Dimensions 620 D × 450 W × 820 H mm

2-3 Weeks Delivery


12 Months Parts & Labour


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