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P40EL Dividing Machine



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This automated system offers a comprehensive solution for efficient dough preparation in high-output environments. It provides flexibility, control over portion sizes, versatility in dough types, labour cost reduction, and ease of cleaning – all of which contribute to a streamlined and productive workflow in commercial kitchens and bakeries.

  1. Dividing Machine:
    • The dividing machine accurately portions the dough mix into pieces. This is a critical step in the dough preparation process, ensuring uniformity in portion sizes.
  2. Rounder Machine: (Sold Seperatly) 
    • The rounder machine takes the portions produced by the dividing machine and rolls them into tight balls. This process contributes to the consistency of the final product.
  3. Combined or Separate Units:
    • The system is flexible and can be used as a combined unit or as two separate machines. This adaptability allows users to customize their workflow based on their specific needs.
  4. Labor Cost Reduction:
    • The automated system is designed to reduce labor costs by handling the portioning and rounding tasks efficiently, minimizing the need for manual intervention.
  5. Portion Size Regulation:
    • The portion size produced by the dividing machine can be regulated either by a timer or by a fr pin for added accuracy. This level of control ensures consistency in the size of the dough portions.
  6. Extrusion Cones:
    • Interchangeable extrusion cones cover a range of portion sizes from 20 grams to 800 grams. One cone is provided free with the machine, and additional cones can be obtained at an extra cost (£95 each). This feature allows for versatility in the types of dough products that can be prepared.
  7. Spiral Rounding System:
    • The rounder machine incorporates a spiral rounding system to roll the dough portions into neatly shaped balls, ready for further processing or baking.
  8. Quick Disassembly for Easy Cleaning:
    • The machines are designed with quick disassembly in mind, facilitating easy cleaning. This feature is crucial for maintaining hygiene standards in a commercial kitchen or bakery.

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