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Fimar GL66 Gas Char Grill



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  1. Authentic Char-Grilled Results:
    • The gas burners and lava rocks work in tandem to provide an authentic char-grilled flavor to meats, fish, and vegetables.
  2. Durable Construction:
    • The use of stainless steel in the construction of the grills ensures durability, corrosion resistance, and easy maintenance.
  3. Smoke Reduction:
    • The V-shaped bars on the stainless steel grill contribute to a reduction in smoke during the cooking process, enhancing the overall cooking environment.
  4. Easy Ignition:
    • The inclusion of a piezoelectric ignition system makes lighting the grills easy and reliable.
  5. Fuel Flexibility:
    • The grills are designed to work with both natural gas and LPG, providing flexibility in fuel choices based on user preferences or availability.
  6. Lightweight and Corrosion-Resistant Body:
    • The aluminum body not only makes the grills lightweight but also adds corrosion resistance, making them suitable for commercial kitchen use.
  7. Automatic Start Feature:
    • The automatic start feature, triggered when the stainless steel cup is attached, adds to the convenience of using the grills.

These features make the countertop char grills versatile, practical, and well-suited for the demands of commercial kitchens, where durability, ease of use, and consistent results are essential considerations.

  • Aluminium body
  • Stainless steel cup
  • Automatic start when cup attached
  • Cooking Area: 312×483 + 312 x 483mm
  • 1 Burner
  • Power kw (BTU):  13(44,352)

Additional information

Weight 49 kg
Dimensions 540 D × 660 W × 220 H mm

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12 Months Parts & Labour


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